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New City Scenarios
Designing for the city in the process of sustainable development


Being a multifaceted concept, sustainable urban design is hard to define. The very notion of sustainable development, however, hints at the feature of integration: it should maximise the resultant social benefits (SOCIAL ASPECT), rationally use the resources and efficiently direct the urban economy (ECONOMIC ASPECT) as well as care for the urban environment, aiming at its diversification (ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT).

Of unique importance are the URBAN STRATEGIES adopted by individual cities. They foster a conscious urban policy based precisely on principles of sustainable growth. They solve problems related e.g. to the geographic location of cities, climate as well as historical, social, cultural, or economic issues. CONCEPTS, which describe new developments in the city and facilitate debate on sustainable urban design, are an additional interesting aspect of developing urban space.

Both urban strategies and the above concepts are displayed on one of the Gallery walls to become an integral part of the narrative around the central core of the show – three platforms. Each of them is dedicated to another aspect of sustainable urban design, i.e. the social, economic and environmental aspects.

The exhibition defines and demonstrates activities related to sustainable urban design. Of special importance is the cross-section and divergent scale of actions and projects. Photographs, documents of particular projects, prototypes, or material samples, may provide an impetus for conversations and reflections on sustainable design in the city.

curator: Paweł Grobelny

cooperation: Ewa Dulcet, Martyna Świerczyńska


Side Effects
Liliana Piskorska
10.05 — 16.06.2019
under construction. scale unknown
Wojciech Łazarczyk
17.05.2019 — 16.06.2019
A Ten-Minute Break
Bownik, Zbigniew Rogalski
vernissage: 12.04.2019, 6pm
11th Student Graphics Biennale
UNclear Images
Monika Chlebek
The Poznań Photo Diploma Award 2019
EKONIZATION: Hello My Friend
Andrea Marioni
Medio Cuerpo
Marlon de Azambuja
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Opening hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 — 19
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